Hi, I’m Brent Gardner, a life insurance Brokerage General Agent in Dallas, Texas. This site primarily covers the subject of the latest generation of life insurance policies: Indexed Universal Life Insurance. For comparison purposes, the subject discussed will certainly include other types of life insurance, such as Term Life insurance, Whole Life insurance, and the various derivatives of the Universal Life chassis.

Tax Free Retirement

The largest corporations and banks use little known tax codes to provide estate and retirement benefits for their executives, with significant tax advantages. Would you like to learn how to use these for yourself, your family, your key people, and your business?

Ask me about Internal Revenue Code Sections 7872, 7702, 1035, 412, 408, 162, 79, & 72.

“Rule Number 1: Never lose money. Rule Number 2: Never forget rule Number 1.”

– Warren Buffett


Brent is a second-generation life insurance specialist, learning many of the fundamentals under the stewardship of his father, Lanny Z. Gardner, CIC.


Now entering his fourth decade of practice, Brent has helped thousands of people with their insurance and their financial plans.


Brent has served multiple terms on the Board of Directors for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, been an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, as well as a volunteer for the National Association of Health Underwriters, the American Heart Association, and the Ronald McDonald House.


In order to fully understand how insurance works today, one has to drill down into the history of insurance, how business cycles, economics, laws and tax regulations have influenced current policy design.

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